Adobe Connect Proでセッションをプログラムで録画することは可能ですか?



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これは、Connect APIを使用してプログラムで実行できます。

  1. Execute API action sco-contents
    • Include a sco-id parameter set to the meeting room's SCO ID.
    • Include parameter filter-icon=archive to limit the results to recordings
  2. Walk the xml results. This XPath: //sco[@icon='archive'] will select recordings (recordings are also referred to as archives in Connect.)
  3. Select the recording of interest according to your criteria (e.g. most recent) and extract the URL from the entry.
    • Each recording will be a element in the results
    • The URL path will be defined in a child element.
    • Append the URL path to the FQDN of your Connect service to construct the full URL.
  4. Insert URL into your content.