Kurt Kinetic Trainerをリリースするのは難しいですか?



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According to an email I received from Kurt Kinetic, lubricating the threads is part of normal maintenance. I had to do it because my KK Rock&Roll started making an awful sound. Lubricating the threads fixed this.


We're happy to hear that the trainer provides such great companionship on > those dark and cold evenings!

Below you'll find a basic trainer maintenance video that will address the squeaking noise that does not come from the elastomers. <div class="youtube-embed"><div> <iframe width="640px" height="395px" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/nj-NzjGatGs?start=0"></iframe> </div></div>

In addition, please ensure that you're performing regular bike maintenance to eliminate any of other potential squeaking sources.

ありがとう、これは私が必要としていたものです。私は私のKurt Kineticトレーナーのスレッドビットを潤滑するためにチェーン潤滑油を使用しています。
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