PayPal APIエンドポイントの更新

CartThrobとExpresso Storeの皆さんには、今朝PayPalからこのメールが届きました:






* If you are integrated with a partner or a cart, please view our FAQs for more information.




  • Calling our APIs with a hardcoded PayPal API endpoint IP address, rather than using DNS resolution:

    • Impact of upgrade: API calls will timeout or your will encounter an internal error from your system.

    • You need to: Use DNS resolution to access our API endpoints and/or open your firewall to the new IP addresses which will be communicated later.

  • Using HTTP methods other than GET, POST, DELETE and PUT:

    • Impact of upgrade: API calls will return HTTP/1.0 400 Bad Request or HTTP Error 405 Method not allowed.
    • You need to: Send the API requests using one of the allowed methods. Heartbeat calls using the HEAD method won’t be allowed.
  • Using the HTTP 1.0 protocol:

    • Impact of upgrade: API calls will return HTTP/1.0 400 Bad Request.
    • You need to: Update your code to HTTP 1.1 and include the Host header in the API request.
  • Needing firewall changes to allow new IP addresses:
    • Impact of upgrade: API calls will error out if your system responsible for making API calls to PayPal is behind a firewall that uses Access Control List (ACL) rules and limits outbound traffic to a limited number of IP addresses.
    • You need to: Update your firewall ACL to allow outbound access to a new set of IP addresses we will be publishing. Test your integration on Sandbox (see the IP addresses for Sandbox API endpoints). The list of new IP addresses for our Live API endpoints will be posted here when available in January.



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これは、Expresso Store(バージョン1.xおよび2.xの両方)には影響を与えません。私たちはDNS解決と標準HTTP動詞を使用しているので、上記の変更はStoreに影響しません。


クール、知っておいてよかった。 :)
追加された 著者 Mark Harrison,

これは、CartThrob ...バージョン1xまたは2xのいずれにも影響しません。